What Can I sell on Afrobiz?

What can I sell on Afrobiz?

About you and your business

You must be from an African or Caribbean background, a business owner and resident in the UK to sell on Afrobiz. 
If you are a group, collective, charity, social enterprise or similar, please email us at contact@afrobiz.co.uk before setting up your shop to ensure you are eligible to sell on Afrobiz.

About Afrobiz

About your products

This page outlines the criteria for what is allowed to be listed on Afrobiz and also some specific examples of what is not allowed.

  • Apparel
  • Consumer electronics
  • Jewellery
  • Bathroom products
  • Lifestyle goods
  • Home decorations
  • Makeup
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Home appliances
  • Handmade goods

 Specific examples of things you can’t sell on Afrobiz

To make things a little easier, we’ve also compiled a list of things that cannot be sold on Afrobiz, below. Please do read through this list as we won’t be able to refund any items that are listed on Afrobiz that breach this list of prohibited items. Thanks for looking and helping us keep Afrobiz the best place for handmade work in the UK.

  1. Items which infringe copyright

See our copyright page for information on copyright infringements including a list of known products and terms.

  1. Used items

Health, hygiene and reliability is one our top priorities we require our buyers and sellers to follow all laws and government health codes.

  1. “Adult” and pornographic items

Items which are deemed to be pornographic or of an “adult nature” (interpretation of which is determined by Afrobiz) are prohibited. If unsure you are recommended to contact us before listing.

  1. Illegal or hazardous or dangerous Items

Items which have been gained illegally or which are stolen or for which it would be illegal to trade [e.g. drugs, items sold as toys without the necessary license, copyrighted work or reproductions of copyrighted work without permissions]. Hazardous or dangerous such as weapons, knives or chemicals are not allowed.

  1. Music & Film

We don’t allow the sale of music, film, CDs, DVDs, other music-related or film-related items.

  1. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages (which, by law, require a license to sell) are not allowed to be listed or sold on Afrobiz.

  1. Nicotine, E-cigarettes and E-liquids

Any products which contain nicotine are not allowed to be sold on Afrobiz. Additionally we do not allow vaping equipment including e-cigarettes or e-liquids, whether or not they contain any nicotine

  1. Hate

We are not willing to host products which promote hatred or bigotry, or support organisations which are involved in campaigns that are intimidating to members of any group or section of the community.

We reserve the right to update or amend this list at any time and without warning.


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